Fingerprinting new screening regime

Unions representing federal public servants are challenging the government's plans to do credit checks of new and current public servants — and fingerprinting, in many cases — as part of its revamp... Source: Criminal background checks and credit check have been part of the government security clearance process for years.  Government contractors routinely c.....Read More

Province to legislate what police can disclose about innocent Ontarians | Toronto Star

Ontario will table legislation in the new year detailing what information police can disclose to employers, volunteer agencies and academic institutions about Ontarians who have not been convicted of a crime. Source: Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is able to conduct criminal background checks using either Name and DOB or fingerprint-based searches.  Wit.....Read More

Police Trail – mobile electronic fingerprinting – Bapco Journal

Bapco Journal: EDITORIAL CONTENT » Interviews . At the end of last month a hand-held, electronic mobile fingerprinting trail was launched.Source: www.bapcojournal.comFingerprint based searches are way better than simple name and date of birth checks. It is easy to get fake ID but if you search a criminal database using fingerprints it does matter what name an individual is using; .....Read More

Ontario must close loopholes on name changes, critics say

Critics are urging the Ontario government to tighten the rules for name changes to prevent people with criminal records from hiding their pasts.Source: www.cbc.caFingerprints clearly should be required for a name change; however, it is important to note that you can still change your name if you have a record.  In British Columbia and Alberta, the fingerprint submission to the RCMP .....Read More

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