Employment Screening in Ottawa, ON

When you need a background check for employee hiring requirements, trust Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. Our company is proud to help employers gather pertinent security information to help identify potential employees. With the fastest turnaround times and dedicated customer service, we offer a wide range of services to make it easy for you to quickly get the documentation you need.

Types of Checks We Offer

  • RCMP Criminal Background Check

Using your fingerprints, we submit a certified criminal history check through the RCMP Real Time Identification System.

  • Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC)

Reliable Screening Solutions submits your name and date of birth for search through the CPIC database of criminal records. We are able to authenticate PCC and CPIC checks through foreign embassies in Ottawa for foreign visa applications.

Our Screening Process

We have screening locations throughout Canada, with flexible hours for your convenience. If you are outside Canada, we offer consultation services to figure out exactly what documentation you may need and can help you to place your order. We also offer a thorough screening process to ensure that all applications receive the necessary checks and that they are handled efficiently and confidentially. Reliable Screening Solutions is there to provide personal service and support throughout the screening process for any questions, which may arise.