Local Fingerprinting in Ottawa, ON

Today’s professional environment demands that businesses, agencies, and companies be extra vigilant when hiring new employees. Fingerprinting has become one of the most accurate ways to validate potential employees. With Reliability Screening Solutions Inc., our clients can enjoy streamlined local Ottawa fingerprinting services to help ensure credible and responsible team members.

Electronic Fingerprinting

To ensure convenience and efficiency in the entire process, we employ electronic fingerprinting to allow clients to submit fingerprints from their locations. We require a complete set of fingerprints – both flat and rolled fingerprints of all ten fingers – to adhere to the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS) rules. With electronic fingerprinting, CCRTIS clients with no criminal records can receive responses within 72 hours. For those who have a criminal background, the processing time can take up to 120 days.

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. aims to ensure that its clients have access to reliable screening anytime, with prompt service. We provide digital fingerprint submissions for adoption, immigration, citizenship, federal government employment, volunteer employment and pardons.