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Document Authentication Services

Reliability Screening is your reliable source for document authentication solutions. We pledge to make the document authentication process as simple and straightforward as possible while maintaining accuracy, effectiveness, and adherence to Global Affairs Canada regulations. Reliability Screening is your dependable option whether you need validation for birth certificates, marriage licenses, criminal record checks, power of attorney, or any other important document.

Who Needs Document Authentication Services?

Reliability Screening offers document authentication services that are essential for people and businesses managing a variety of legal, professional, or international procedures. If you fit any of the following descriptions, our assistance might be quite valuable in guaranteeing the smooth acceptance of your documents:


International Travellers: Authenticated documents are typically necessary for those who intend to go overseas for business, education, or personal reasons. This covers records including marriage licenses, birth certificates, and diplomas from educational institutions.
Immigrants and Expatriates: Authenticated documents may be required for those who are planning to immigrate overseas or for those who are currently there. Reliability screening helps foreign nationals and immigrants verify important papers, which makes the integration and transition procedures easier.
Students and Academic Establishments: Authenticated academic transcripts, diplomas, and certificates are sometimes required by schools that accept foreign students or by those seeking to study overseas. We provide document authentication services to the academic community, making sure that educational documents fulfill the requirements for international recognition.
Businesses Engaging in International Transactions: To comply with foreign legislation, businesses that engage in international commerce and transactions may need to provide verified papers. Reliability screening promotes compliance and confidence in cross-border transactions by helping organizations authenticate a range of commercial papers.


Reliability Screening’s document legalization services are intended to fulfill the different demands of our clients, whether you are an individual seeking personal document legalization or a corporation participating in international operations. Because of our dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and conformity with international standards, we are the right partner for all of your document legalization needs. Have a situation that goes beyond the categories above? That’s not a problem, one of our specialists can help you figure out where to start. Contact us right now to begin the process with confidence.

Why Choose Reliability Screening for Document Authentication?

Every document authentication scenario is different, and we at Reliability Screening are aware of this. Our committed staff offers individualized support, assisting you with every step of the procedure and answering any queries or worries you might have. We work hard to ensure that our clients have a stress-free and seamless experience throughout.

Our staff at Reliability Screening apply their knowledge with years of expertise in document authentication services. We handle your papers with the highest care and professionalism since we are aware of the nuances of the procedure and keep up with the most recent legislation.

We take pride in providing a quick and easy document authentication procedure. We aim to save you time and reduce stress by streamlining the frequently intricate stages. You can rely on us to handle your documents properly and on time if you work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We start our procedure with a consultation to determine your unique requirements. Following your submission of your paperwork, we carefully examine it and help you get in touch with Global Affairs Canada for formal approval. We keep you informed at every stage of the procedure to guarantee a seamless and open experience.
No, being physically present is not necessary for the authentication of documents. By contacting us by phone or online, you may start the procedure. You may safely submit your papers via our online platform, and our experts will walk you through the required processes.
Depending on the kind of document and its requirements, the timeframe for document authentication may change. We work hard to finish the procedure quickly and to keep you updated at every turn. For a more precise estimate depending on your particular situation, get in touch with us.
Certainly. We serve the requirements of private citizens, corporate clients, government agencies, and non-profits. Reliability Screening can fulfill your demands for document authentication, regardless of whether you need it for personal or business reasons.
Yes, our first goal is to keep your information secure. Strict security protocols are in place to safeguard the integrity and privacy of your papers. All robust security mechanisms offer a secure experience throughout all communication channels and web platforms.
After the formal authentication of your papers, we guarantee their safe return to you. We may arrange for pickup, courier delivery, or electronic transfer of the verified papers, based on your request.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives if you have any more queries or special issues. We are here to answer any questions you may have about document authentication services with Reliability Screening and to offer individualized support.

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