International Fingerprinting Uses

Digital Fingerprinting services are in high demand.

At one point or another in our lifetime, practically everyone needs fingerprinting. And yet not everyone understands the exact reasons fingerprinting is required, or the process(es) involved.

In this resource page we’ll take a look at the specific applications for fingerprinting for people living outside Canada – whether you are a Canadian expat, or someone looking to live, study or work in Canada – as well as Canadians who are planning to live abroad.

Who Needs International Fingerprinting Services?

Digital Fingerprinting services can be used by – or may be required for – the following individuals:

  • Canadians 
  • Canadian Expatriates
  • Any individual who has spent more than 6 months in Canada
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This impacts many individuals the world over, which is why it is important to know when fingerprints are required, for what purposes, how to go about getting fingerprints taken, and how to submit those fingerprints properly to receive your background check without delay.

Let’s look at some of the scenarios.

Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant (PR) Who is Currently Outside of Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen living or working abroad and are reading this page, perhaps you have been, or expect to be, asked to provide a Canadian criminal background check. While non-fingerprint based options are available, they are rarely accepted overseas. RCMP Certified Criminal Record checks require fingerprints, but they provide the best and most widely accepted document Canada has to offer. Why might you need fingerprints?

  • For visa purposes in your current country of residence
  • For a new job in that country
  • For other types of security screening

What if you’re a landed immigrant currently located outside of Canada, and require a Canadian background check for one of the reasons listed above? It’s essentially the same process as a Canadian citizen would go through. Assuming you have lived in Canada for at least six months, you’re eligible for an RCMP Certified Criminal Records check.

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And in the case of someone who has, at one time or another lived, in Canada (e.g. for work or for school), is now located outside of Canada and need a Canadian background check to cover the dates he or she was in Canada? Perhaps you need a background check for one of the aforementioned reasons? Or maybe you’re applying again for another Canadian visa? It’s still much the same process to be followed. In your case it may take a little longer, especially if you were in Canada on a visa status other than landed immigrant.

For all these scenarios, you’ll need to get the fingerprints taken where you are located outside of Canada. Then you send the fingerprints to a trusted agency in Canada – such as Reliability Screening – who will handle the background check process with the RCMP and get the results to you in a thorough and timely manner.

There will be some information to provide along with the fingerprints. We’ll get to that in a little bit.

Canadians & Other Individuals Living in Canada

Not all international fingerprints are done internationally.

Are you a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant / permanent resident currently residing in Canada but planning to relocate abroad? Maybe you’re looking to take on a new job in another country – or you’re an employer with staff who are relocating? Perhaps you intend to study outside Canada? Is retirement in another country a part of your future plans?

In many instances the country to which you intend to move will require fingerprints for a background check. Reliability Screening can help.

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If you’re located in Ottawa, we have two convenient locations at which you can get your fingerprints scanned. We can also send one of our team members to your place of business, to handle the fingerprints onsite with even less hassle for you.

We also have partners located across Canada should you need fingerprints taken in another Canadian city or locale.

After we conduct the scans, we will send these to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service (CCRTIS), and typically have your Certified Criminal Records Check back to you within 3 business days.

For more information, see our fingerprinting page.

We’ve also created a page that discusses the various types of background checks in Canada.

What Information Will You Need?

How does one get fingerprints taken outside of Canada? When you sign up for our service to handle an RCMP Certified Criminal Record check, we then send you a detailed set of instructions. Each country has slightly different processes and systems for fingerprinting, and in some cases it could take a little more time in one place than in another.

In addition to the fingerprinting, there are some other details we’ll need to provide to the RCMP to get your background check completed. Again these details will be in the instructions you receive once you’ve signed up for our service. Typically they would need to know your reason for acquiring this background check… such as:

  • Employment application / screening
  • Travel visas
  • Adoptions
  • Volunteer work
  • Immigration application

If you have any questions about the steps involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We’ve also provided a separate page on How International Submissions Work.

Why Choose Reliability Screening?

Simply put, Reliability Screening are the Canadian background check experts. Based in Ottawa with a network across Canada and knowledge that spans the globe, Reliability Screening is your trusted partner when it comes to getting your fingerprints submitted for the RCMP Certified Criminal Record checks.

We are able to legalize, authenticate, and notarize all results for foreign use.  

You can make a submission for background checks at any of our offices in Canada, or through our website if you are located abroad. We are able to accept fingerprints from anywhere in the world. You can count on Reliability Screening – we will always be able to help, no matter where life takes you.

Contact us today to find out more or to arrange one of our services.