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How to Get Your Criminal Record Check for Uber in Canada

Reliability Screening can help make the accreditation process go more smoothly. Our services are available for new fingerprinting businesses and startups. We provide a free consultation and needs analysis to assess the best pathways for achieving business goals. For those seeking assistance to launch a new business in this growing field, Reliability Screening is here to help.

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Becoming an Associate with Reliability Screening

Becoming an Associate A digital fingerprinting business does not require as much startup capital as some industries, and demand for this service is only growing. Getting accredited is demanding and time-consuming, but …
Digital Fingerprinting in Canada

Digital Fingerprinting In Canada

Digital Fingerprinting services are in high demand. Within Canada, there are over 20 application types! Fingerprints are captured and submitted electronically to the RCMP as part of a background check application. The …

Fingerprint vs. Name-Based Background Checks

When it comes to background checks in Canada, several different varieties are available.There are background checks for employment or immigration; Canadian background checks for vulnerable sector (teachers, coaches, et al) … even …

How do International Submissions work?

Do you live outside Canada and need a Canadian background check?”How do international submissions work?” You may be asking. “How am I supposed to get a Canadian background check when I’m not …