Our Turnaround Times: Industry-Leading Speed, Without Sacrificing Quality or Privacy

A question we’re often asked is:

“How fast are your turnaround times?”

Great question!

It’s one thing to say we’re the fastest (though that is what we aim to be overall). Our process is not only about speed, however.

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At Reliability Screening in Ottawa and Gatineau, we have three main priorities when it comes to processing your documentation (be that for fingerprinting, apostille, authentication or notarization):

  • Accurate documentation with quality results
  • Security & privacy of your data
  • Fast turnaround times

Essentially, there’s not one of these three goals that takes a higher priority over the others. We either deliver all three, or we haven’t really come through for you.

Let’s look into how Reliability Screening handles, processes and turns around documentation with speed, accuracy and security.

An Industry Leader in Fingerprinting, Apostille, Authentication & Notarization

A core component of our three-part promise is fast turnaround times.

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Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. offers industry-leading responsiveness and processing times.

When it comes to speed, we’ve developed systems and processes that help cut down the time you spend waiting for completion.

This is the case for the core services we offer:

  • Fingerprinting & Background Checks
  • Document Apostille
  • Document Authentication
  • Document Notarization

Having said that, as you can imagine these services are quite different in their nature, and thus the processing times involved can vary substantially.

Fingerprinting & Background Checks

Fingerprinting involves 3 or 4 main steps, depending on your location:

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1. Obtaining Fingerprints

  • a. Prints being taken manually by ink (if you are located outside Canada or not near one of our facilities or partners in Canada)
  • b. Scanning the prints (for those in Ottawa or in another city near one of our partner companies)

2. Sending to the RCMP

3. Waiting for the RCMP to process the fingerprints against their criminal database

4. Receiving the results back from the RCMP and forwarding these to you

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Three of these steps are within our control; one, though, is not.

That’s why we, at Reliability Screening Solutions, do everything within our power to ensure that the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible on our end

The RCMP strives to complete all applications within 72 hours. 

They aren’t able to quote, however, on behalf of Canada Post for the delay associated with printing, packaging, and mailing of results. Our main CardScan and Submission facility in Ottawa is minutes from the RCMP’s Canadian Processing Centre. Once results are issued, we get them faster than virtually anywhere else.

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We typically receive RCMP results (the higher-level background check that involves fingerprinting) up to two or three weeks after submission.

Our Criminal Record Check background checks are completed within 24 hours, if not much sooner. Criminal Record Check involve a name-based check with the Canadian police records system and thus are quite fast on their own.

As we’ve seen a great increase in the frequency that fingerprint submissions are required for Canadians all over the world, we’ve made expedited submission the new standard. The moment your order is placed, we create the application with the appropriate federal agency. This way, once your prints or forms arrive, we can submit them immediately.

Apostille of Documents, Legalization, Authentication & Notarization

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Our industry-leading turnaround time and commitment to service extends to our Apostille, Legalization, Authentication and Notarization services as well.

Document Notarization

Our notary public services are available in person as well as by mail (in certain cases) for documents used in conjunction with criminal background checks.

Apostille, Legalization & Authentication of Documents

embassy of the united states of america in ottawa

Apostille, Legalization & Authentication of Documents is often required when applying to embassies or consulates for immigration, work visas, travel visas or other matters.

Reliability Screening is highly experienced in this process, and we have frequent dealings with nearly all the embassies & consulates in Ottawa as well as consular offices located across Canada.

All documents are taken to their respective destinations by hand, in a secure fashion, courtesy of our expert staff. We do not use any courier services or ‘runners.’ This added step of secure handling ensures that your document is protected, and eliminates risk of unnecessary delays.

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Given these considerations, we aim to process your documentation promptly upon its submission. The results are then forwarded to the designated competent Canadian apostille/authentication authority. If applicable, we then submit the authenticated document to the appropriate embassy or consulate in Canada. Of course we make sure that all documentation is in order before sending it on to a governmental authority.

If there’s something missing, we’ll let you know – that way we avoid the delays (and costs) of an embassy or authority sending it back as incomplete.

Once we receive the documents back in our office, we can turn them around and ship them out to you within 24 hours; the shipping time to you then depends on the postal or courier service, your location and other factors beyond our control.

Count on Reliability Screening for Fast, Accurate & Secure Handling

As you can see, we’ve made a commitment to a trio of standards: Speed, Accuracy & Privacy.

Our reviews, repeat business and referrals speak volumes as to the quality of our results.

Contact us today to get started on the service you require. We’re here for all your needs in fingerprinting, background checks, apostille, legalization & authentication of documents as well as notary services. Whether you’re located in Ottawa, Gatineau, elsewhere in Canada or practically anywhere in the world, we’ve got you covered.