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Fingerprinting in the Philippines for a Canadian Records Check

If you are located in the Philippines and need a fingerprint-based Canadian records check, you can depend on Reliability Screening for quick & seamless processing. Fingerprinting is usually necessary for anyone applying for immigrant status in the Philippines, visas (work, study, etc.) or for those seeking employment as some employers might request a background check. These record checks are required from every country where you have lived or spent significant time.


For a Canadian records check, you will need a Certified Criminal Record Check from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They are the national law enforcement agency and headquarters are based in Ottawa. This is also where Reliability Screening is based! We are an experienced agency in background screening, fingerprint-based criminal record checks and more. Thousands of people worldwide have entrusted us with facilitating their Certified Criminal Record Check.

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Once you have your fingerprints taken in the Philippines, you can leave the rest to us. We are very well acquainted with the RCMP requirements and standards for a fingerprint-based Certified Criminal Records Check. We have an exceptional track record of facilitating these record checks with a quick turnaround time.

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Personal Information

Ensure that the personal information on your fingerprint form is correct. The local authorities in the Philippines will ask for a piece of ID.


Fingerprinting can be done at your local police station or the Department of Justice, National Bureau of Investigation in Manila.

Police Documentation

The most important thing to do is make sure your fingerprint card is stamped and signed before you leave. The process may vary from station or location.

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If you have to submit fingerprints for the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check but you’re currently residing in the Philippines, Reliability Screening is here to help. Wherever you happen to be located, from Manila to Cebu, Davao to Luzon, let us help facilitate your fingerprint-based Canadian criminal records check. We’ll inform you about what you need and how to get it. Our team will be here to assist you every step of the way.

Reliability Screening has years of experience helping individuals throughout the world obtain their Canadian RCMP criminal records check. We will help guide you to get your fingerprints taken in the Philippines and successfully processed by the RCMP.

Frequently Asked Questions

The criminal records check from the RCMP requires you to submit rolled (black ink) fingerprints. In the Philippines, you can get your fingerprints done at your local police station. If you’re in Manila, you can head to the Department of Justice, National Bureau of Investigation to have your fingerprints taken.

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Security and privacy are a priority at Reliability Screening. We ensure that we go above and beyond the minimum standards when it comes to keeping client information secure. We have become a trusted agency for people who need help with their fingerprint-based records check.

If you’re in need of a company to help you manage your fingerprint-based records check securely, contact our team today!

Yes, you can! There is no need for you to return to Canada to deal with this process. Reliability Screening is dedicated to helping clients, who are aboard, through the process of getting a fingerprint-based records check. Our team will inform you of what we will require from you for a seamless process.

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Aside from sending us your fingerprints, you will need to provide a copy of valid government-issued photo identification such as a passport. You will also need to provide the reason you are seeking a records check and any supporting documentation to prove it. Our team will make sure you are well-informed about what is required for a complete application. This way, your criminal record check won’t be delayed by having to resubmit the application and pay subsequent application fees.

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