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For anyone currently living, working or otherwise situated in Qatar who needs fingerprinting for a Canadian records check, we can help. Whether you are applying for new employment or have been asked by a current or prospective employer, or you’re seeking a work visa, travel visa or immigration status, a criminal records check is a common request. If you are Canadian living in Qatar, or other nationality but have spent time in Canada, you will need to obtain an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.

The RCMP is Canada’s national police authority, and they oversee all criminal record databases. You’ve probably been advised to get fingerprints. That’s because the RCMP will need your fingerprints before processing your criminal record check. It’s important to follow the correct process so as not to incur any delays. Reliability Screening Solutions, Inc, is an Ottawa, Canada-based provider of fingerprinting and background screening. We’re well versed in the proper procedures for obtaining the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check, and we’re accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of this process. That’s how we can help facilitate your application with the RCMP and ensure your results are quickly returned to you in Qatar.

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Our Canadian background screening and fingerprinting services are trusted by thousands of individuals and organizations in Canada and around the world. We’ve got the knowledge and experience required to ensure a smooth process for you.

At Reliability Screening, we are proud to be able to help those who are abroad. We’ve helped thousands of people in Canada, Qatar and around the world get their Certified Criminal Record Check from the RCMP. You can count on us for a seamless process for fingerprint-based records check so that you can be on your way quickly.

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Personal Information

The Qatari authorities (e.g. the CEID in Doha) will ask for your ID – be sure they include those details on the fingerprint card.


Depending on where you get your fingerprints taken, the process could vary a bit. Just be sure that the fingerprints are inked and the card/sheet is signed or has a stamp/seal.

Police Documentation

To get your fingerprints taken in Doha, Qatar, go to the Qatari Criminal Evidence & Information Division (CEID) on Abu Samra Road, file some paperwork and then get a fingerprint card.

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If you’re located in Qatar and have been asked to get fingerprints for a Canadian Criminal Records Check, we can help. Reliability Screening will guide you along the way for faster & smoother processing.

We’ll let you know what is necessary to make sure that the fingerprints you get taken in Qatar (e.g. at the CEID in Doha) will be recognized by the RCMP to process your Canadian records check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily for those in Qatar looking to get their fingerprints taken, the process is quite simple and straightforward. In order to get your fingerprints taken, you will have to go to the offices of the Criminal Evidences and Information Department (CEID). The CEID facilities in Qatar are state-of-the-art, with qualified staff who speak many languages in addition to Arabic and English. For most people, the process of getting fingerprints taken takes just between 5-10 minutes. That’s it

In most cases, no appointment is necessary. If you are being sent to the CEID in Qatar on behalf of a large organization sending many people to get fingerprints taken, then the public relations officer of your company should contact them before to make an appointment. For individuals and families, no appointment is necessary, you just need to arrive at the designated fingerprinting times.

For RCMP Certified Criminal Records Checks submitted from Qatar to Canada, you will need to provide rolled (ink) fingerprints, or a live scan printout. Reliability Screening will receive your fingerprint card by mail in Ottawa and process this with the RCMP; then send the results back to you in Qatar.

The experts at Reliability Screening will provide you with a full list of documents you will need for your RCMP criminal record check in addition to any forms which will need to be filled out. We make the criminal record check as quick and easy as possible for you.


The embassy of Canada in Qatar can not give you any information on your criminal record check, nor do they offer fingerprinting services. To submit your application, you must contact an accredited fingerprinting company like Reliability Screening.

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