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Fingerprinting for Canadian Background Checks for Individuals Living in Singapore

If you live in Singapore and you are looking to obtain a travel visa, applying for a new job, or applying for a change of immigration status, you might be required to get fingerprints for a Canadian background check. In many cases, administrative processes involving a new job or change of immigration status require such a criminal record check from all countries in which you have lived or spent a significant amount of time in. If you are a Canadian living in Singapore, are Singaporean, or any other nationality and have spent time in Canada, you will need to get a fingerprint-based RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check. Reliability Screening can help.


The RCMP is Canada’s national police service similar to the SPF, however the scope of their services are limited to national and inter-provincial matters. As part of these national matters, the RCMP is in charge of Canada’s criminal databases. This makes them the only authority able to issue a Certified Criminal Record Check in Canada. This process requires getting fingerprints, however you don’t have to fly to Canada to get them taken. You can get your fingerprints from your local SPF office. Once you have received your fingerprints, Reliability Screening will take care of the rest of the work.

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At Reliability Screening, we’ve got the right combination of experience, knowledge and commitment to service. We’ve helped thousands of people in Canada, Kuwait and around the world get their Certified Criminal Record Check from the RCMP. You can count on us for a dependable fingerprint-based record check so that you can be on your way ASAP.

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In Singapore, the SPF officer will check your ID – please be sure these details are noted properly on your fingerprint form.


To obtain fingerprinting services in Singapore, check with your local SPF station. Make sure the card is stamped or signed before leaving!

Police Documentation

You may find that some places run fingerprinting differently from others. The important thing is that the prints are inked and stamped or signed.

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If you live in Singapore and need to get fingerprints taken for a Canadian criminal record check, let Reliability Screening help facilitate the process. We are Singapore’s trusted fingerprinting service for Canadian criminal record checks, so you can count on our experience.

With our experience as trusted partners in the Canadian fingerprinting and record check process, we’ll be able to guide you to get fingerprints taken in Singapore that are acceptable for the RCMP to process your Canadian criminal record check.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t! Whether you are a Canadian Citizen, a current or a former Canadian resident who is currently in Singapore, you can get your fingerprints taken at your nearest police station and criminal record check processed by Reliability Screening without ever leaving the country. It is advisable to have us take care of this since if you leave the country without a multi-entry visa, then you will have to go through the entire visa application process again which could delay your return to Singapore for weeks or even months.


You can’t use these fingerprints for your RCMP criminal background check. The Immigation and Checkpoints Authority scans your fingerprints, face and iris for biometric identification purposes whenever you enter or leave the country.


Reliability Screening requires a physical document with rolled fingerprints for all ten fingers for a certified criminal background check which can be obtained from any police station in Singapore.

You will need to send a copy of government issued photo identification such as a passport. We will also need the reason you are seeking a certified criminal record check and supporting documents to prove your reasoning.


When getting fingerprints taken, it is important to also ensure the document includes the name and address of the police agency where you got them done. Also make sure the document includes the name and signature of the official who took the fingerprints.


Before submitting your application to the CRRTIS, Reliability Screening will review the entire application with you to ensure all necessary information is included. That way, your criminal record check won’t be delayed by having to resubmit the application and pay subsequent application fees.

There is no set expiry date on any international police check. That being said, any criminal record check, whether it is certified or not, only shows your record at a single point in time. Organizations that require an international police check, be it for work, residency, citizenship or otherwise will have different requirements for the how recent the police check needs to be. It is important to check with the organization that requires the check to find out how recent they require it to be.


Neither the Canadian Embassy nor Canadian Consulates provide criminal background checks. They also are not able to give any information or updates about a criminal background check. If you require a Canadian criminal background check while residing in the KSA, you must use an accredited company such as Reliability Screening.

CCRTIS, or the Canadian Criminal Real time Identification Services is the part of the RCMP which maintains the national database of criminal records in Canada. If you are applying for a certified criminal record check, your fingerprints and information will be submitted to CCRTIS. Reliability Screening is CCRTIS Accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints in support of criminal record checks.

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