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Fingerprinting for RCMP Certified Criminal Records for Those Living in South Korea

Are you a Canadian living in South Korea, or a Korean or other national who’s lived in Canada? Whether you are studying or teaching in South Korea, applying for work in South Korea, or applying for a travel permit, work visa or immigrant visa, you may be in need of a Canadian record check. Why’s that? If you’re Canadian or have spent time in Canada, you will need a Certified Criminal Record Check from the RCMP to show that you have a clean record for the time that you were in Canada.


The process may seem daunting, but we can help you through it! You’ll need to get your fingerprints taken in South Korea, then send them to Canada for processing. That’s where Reliability Screening comes in. We’re an experienced team located in Ottawa, Canada, who have been facilitating criminal record checks processed by the RCMP for many years. The RCMP is Canada’s federal law enforcement agency, and they oversee the criminal records check that you will need to complete.

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We’ve helped thousands of companies and people worldwide with their fingerprinting and RCMP Certified Criminal Records Checks over the years. That’s why you can trust Ottawa-based Reliability Screening to facilitate a smooth fingerprinting and records check process between South Korea and Canada.

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In South Korea, the police will check your ID – please be sure these details are noted on your fingerprint form,


You may find that some police services provide fingerprinting services differently. The important thing is that the prints are inked and stamped or signed.

Police Documentation

To obtain fingerprinting services in South Korea, check the website for the National Police Agency to find a police station near you; make sure the card is stamped or signed before leaving!

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If you live in South Korea and need to get fingerprints taken for an RCMP certified criminal record check, let Reliability Screening help facilitate the process. We’ll advise what you need along the way and will be here to help.

With our experience as trusted partners in the Canadian fingerprinting and record check process, we’ll be able to guide you to get fingerprints taken in South Korea that are acceptable for the RCMP to process your Canadian criminal record check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to work as an ESL teacher in Korea must provide a criminal record check issued by the RCMP in Canada. This includes those who wish to teach English in public schools, private schools, or Hagwons.

In order to get your fingerprints taken for a Canadian criminal record check in South Korea, you must get it done at your local district police station. It is important to note that not every police station is a local district police station. Local district police stations are larger than regular police stations, and provide more services.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (서울지방경찰청) has compiled a list of local district police stations for the city. Simply view the list and find the location which is nearest to you.

Getting fingerprints taken in South Korea for a Canadian criminal record check is a relatively simple and straightforward process. After determining which local district police station is closest to you, you will have to visit in-person. Once inside the station, you will need to find the Foreign Affairs Department (보안과 외사계) where they will take your fingerprints and stamp them to make it official. The whole process is rather quick, so you don’t need to wait around for long.

The Canadian Embassy in Korea does not perform criminal record checks. They are also unable to provide any updates about the status of a criminal record check. In order to get an RCMP criminal record check while outside of Canada, you must contact an accredited company such as Reliability Screening to convert your paper fingerprints taken outside of Canada and submit them to Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) electronically.

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