Digital Fingerprinting In Canada

Digital Fingerprinting services are in high demand. Within Canada, some of the most common reasons for Digital Fingerprinting are:

  • Citizenship and Permanent Residency
  • Employment
  • Security Clearances
  • Pardons & Travel Waivers
  • Foreign Travel & Employment Abroad

Within Canada there are over 20 application types! Fingerprints are captured, and submitted electronically to the RCMP as part of a background check application. The RCMP compares your fingerprints to the National Repository of Criminal Records, where fingerprint information associated with criminal convictions is retained. A result of this check provides a Certified Criminal Record, which is Canada’s only certified background check.

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is equipped for all RCMP application types, and offers a full range of services at our two dedicated Ottawa locations, and across the country through our extensive affiliate network.

We also service those in need of an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check who are abroad through our Ottawa offices. We are able to legalize, authenticate, and notarize all results for foreign use. No matter where you are, we can help. Call us and find out how.