I Don’t Know What I Need

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. provides numerous documents to meet a wide array of requirements. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know which document is right for you.

This biggest decision facing you is whether to order a name based background check, or a fingerprint based background check. Agencies asking you to provide a criminal record check may use vague terms which don’t point you one way or the other.

In our experience, if you need a background check for living in another country, you will most likely require a fingerprint based background check. For employment, a name based check is more likely to be sufficient, but it will be up to the employer. Check out our article for more information about the differences between fingerprint based and name based background checks.

If you are still unsure which check is right for your situation you can request a consultation with our expert staff. We are happy to work with you and determine the best course of action. We are accessible in our offices, by email, or by phone. You can use our ‘Contact Us’ page to reach out and request a callback, at which time we will help make sense of your requirements, and your options.  One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work with you to determine, and provide exactly what you need. You may not know how to ask for it, but we can provide it for you.