International Fingerprinting Uses

Digital Fingerprinting services are in high demand. Everyone needs it, but not many know why, or what it’s for.

Digital Fingerprinting services can be used by, or are required for:

  • Canadians
  • Canadian Expatriates
  • Any individual who has spent more than 6 months in Canada

If you are living or working abroad and are reading this page, it is reasonable to assume that you have been, or expect to be, asked to provide a Canadian criminal background check. While non-fingerprint based options are available, they are rarely accepted overseas. RCMP Certified Criminal Record checks require fingerprints, but they provide the best and most widely accepted document Canada has to offer. We are able to legalize, authenticate, and notarize all results for foreign use.  

You can make a submission for this, and  document at any of our offices in Canada, or through our website if you are abroad. We are able to accept fingerprints from anywhere in the world; we will always be able to help, no matter where life takes you.