Our Turnaround Times


Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. offers industry-leading responsiveness and turnaround times. Our main CardScan and Submission facility is minutes from the RCMP’s Canadian Processing Centre. Once results are issued, we get them faster than anywhere else.

We have seen a great increase in the frequency that fingerprint submissions are required for Canadians all over the world, so we made expedited submission the new standard. The moment your order is placed, we create the application with the appropriate federal agency. This way, once your prints or forms arrive, we can submit immediately.

The RCMP strives to complete all applications within 72 hours, but they aren’t able to quote on behalf of Canada Post for the delay associated with printing, packaging, and mailing of results. Our facility typically receives RCMP results one week after submission.  Our CPIC and FBI Background checks are completed within 12 hours, if not much sooner.

Our industry-leading turnaround time and commitment to service extends to our Legalization, Notarization, and Authentication services as well. All documents are taken to their respective destinations by hand, in a secure fashion, courtesy of our expert staff. We do not use any courier services or ‘runners.’ This ensures that your document is protected, and eliminates risk of unnecessary delays.