How do International Submissions work?

Do you live outside Canada and need a Canadian background check? “How do international submissions work?” You may be asking. “How am I supposed to get a Canadian background check when I’m

Becoming an Associate with Reliability Screening

Reliability Screening can help make the accreditation process go more smoothly. Our services are available for new fingerprinting businesses and startups. We provide a free consultation and needs analysis to assess the best pathways for achieving business goals. For those seeking assistance to launch a new business in this growing field, Reliability Screening is here to help.

Our Turnaround Times: Industry-Leading Speed, Without Sacrificing Quality or Privacy

Our industry-leading turnaround time and commitment to service extends to our Legalization, Notarization, and Authentication services as well. All documents are taken to their respective destinations by hand, in a secure fashion, courtesy of our expert staff. We do not use any courier services or ‘runners.’ This ensures that your document is protected, and eliminates risk of unnecessary delays.

Types of Background Checks

If you have been asked to submit a background check, it can be difficult to know which background check is the right one for your particular circumstances. At Reliability Screening, we’ve created