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Vancouver - Global Fingerprinting
Services Canada Ltd.

Global Fingerprinting Services Canada Ltd. is an associate of Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. We
provide criminal record checks based on name and date of birth, and fingerprinting services.

We are in the business of providing card scan fingerprints for expedited results, and ink-and-paper fingerprints where required for foreign police certificates and other needs. All personal information from clients is treated as confidential. We also provide value-added services unique in the fingerprint service industry.

Our staff has many years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Our work experience is drawn from careers in forensics, law, policing, security, the military, and customer service.

Services Offered:

Canadian Fingerprinting in Vancouver, BC

Trusted Provider of Fingerprinting Services in Vancouver

We provide fingerprinting services from our convenient
Vancouver location, or at the convenience of your own place of
business. To conduct a certified criminal record check, CCRTIS
requires a full set of fingerprints, including both rolled and flat
impressions of all ten fingers (if the submission is made via

There is no substitute for a Certified Criminal Records Check; it
is the only way that you can be sure that the individual you are
dealing with is really who they claim to be and that they do not
have a criminal record.

How To Get Your Fingerprints
Scanned in Vancouver

We are accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) branch of the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide fingerprint-based Criminal History Checks.

1. Book Online

Reliability Screening offers an online booking process that’s intuitive and easy to use. Let us know what you need and whom you need it for, complete payment, and we’ll get the ball rolling on your fingerprinting for Canadian background checks.

2. Submit Information

We’ll let you know about all the steps you need to follow, pointing you in the right direction of where to get your fingerprinting taken care of. We’ll set up your fingerprinting appointment ASAP and get you in & out smoothly.

3. Get Documents

CCRTIS clients submitting electronic fingerprints now receive responses within 72 hours (3 business days) for the majority of civil clearance fingerprint requests that do not link to a criminal file.

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