Types of Background Checks

A number of different background checks are offered in Canada. While not acceptable for all requirements, the CPIC Check is certainly the fastest. This check searches the Canadian Police Information Centre by the applicant’s Name and Date of Birth. The results can be returned quickly, but sometimes it can be difficult to rule out the existence of a criminal record by name and date of birth alone. If there is any difficulty, the individual will be instructed to submit a fingerprint based check. A Premium option is available, which includes broader search criteria.

The most widely accepted document comes as the result of an RCMP Certified Criminal Background Check. This is an applicant’s only option for many requirements within Canada, and almost all foreign requirements. The RCMP use an applicant’s fingerprints to determine, or rule out, the existence of a criminal record. This check is the only one that is Certified, making it valid in almost every situation. The FBI in the United States of America also use fingerprint based applications for their version of this check, called Identity History Summary Checks.

For individuals who do have a criminal record, submissions to the RCMP and CPIC can still be made. However, the RCMP quotes 120 business days to respond to these applications, and CPIC results will be ‘incomplete.’ The only other option is what is called a Declaration. This type of submission requires that the applicant declares the full extent of their criminal record, and the document will confirm that no further convictions exist.

If you have any questions as to which background check you need to undergo, call or email us and we would be happy to work through your requirement and determine the best course of action.